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Author Natalka Blok (UKR)
Director Valters Sīlis (LV)
Stage designer Ugis Berzins (LV)
Lightning designer Märt Sell (EST)
Video designer Laura Romanova (EST)
On stage Наталка Кобізька, Антоніна Хижняк, Тіщенко Костянтин ja Григорий Бакланов
Producers Vasyl Bilous (UKR) / Märt Meos (EST)

World premiere.
Duration 1h 35min.
In Ukrainian with English and Estonian translation.

“If you are here and listening to this meditation, this means that the
universe has brought you to the right place. Make yourself comfortable and
close your eyes, feel how your feet touch the ground. The ground that is
powerful and fertile Ukraine. These feet wish to stand in a world where
there is no…”

The me you once knew is gone. The you I once knew is also gone.
They tell me that I should write my experience down.
No one needs this experience.


2023 festival program: