Underground girls (Uzbekistan)

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Director: Jakub Skrzywanek
Playwright: Emily Reily
Designer: Alexander Provalinsky
Choreographer: Agnieszka Krist
Composer & sound design: Marat Maksudi
Producer: Irina Bharat
Cast: Olga Volodina, Natalya Lee, Julia Plakida, Klavdia Bezmaternikh, Klara Nafikova, Aziza Primkulova, Elina Klimova, Zilola Pulatova & Nigina Djabbarova

Duration: 1h 20min.

In Russian with English and Estonian translation.

Once upon a time in a land far far away the world ended for women. This is their story, their strength, survival, and heart ache. Underground Girls is a wild and immersive exploration of freedom and oppression.  

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Underground Girls is based on the book by Jenny Nordberg, Underground Girls of Kabul: in search of the hidden resistance in Afghanistan, interviews with female Afghan refugees, and interviews with people who are still living in Afghanistan after August 2021. The show tries to answer the questions; why does society prefer men? Why do we still find it so difficult to accept that a man and a woman can be equal? Underground Girls explores the disastrous consequences of denying women freedom. Today in Kabul, women are still trying to fight for basic human rights; the freedom to be independent, educated, and to determine their own destiny. This performance attempts to give voice to those whose screams we still do not want to hear. 


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